13 comments on “Hanging Wall Shelf: Episode 2

  1. I was working on cutting my Rail (arch) pieces to length and just noticed that the Top Rail is listed on the Cutting List as being 14 1/4″ long. It’s actually 13 1/2″ long, as is shows on the drawing.


    • He’s a link to Paul’s blog where he talks about shooting boards: https://paulsellers.com/2012/01/shooting-boards-revisited/

      I’m thinking you’re referring to where he trims the middle shelf to his knife lines by just putting in in the vise and then planing from each end to his lines. I think there’s an experience factor that enters in here. I’d of done it with my newly constructed shooting board, but then I don’t have 50 years of experience doing hand woodworking to draw on.

    • Hi Matt,

      Yes, Paul says this is because it’s quicker and with skill is more effective and the idea is to develop the skill and not to substitute for it. Shooting boards really work best on small pieces where it’s difficult to register the sole of the plane to the short surface.

      Kind Regards,

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