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    “The tremendous variety of projects is fantastic! The straightforward approach to practical hand tool woodworking is much appreciated!”



    “Paul Sellers is a down-to-earth, no nonsense woodworker. In being a part of the Woodworking Masterclasses, I feel I am being taught to work wood by a 19th Century Master Woodworker, which is truly awesome. Paul’s gentle spirit comes through on the videos, which makes learning hand tool woodworking therapeutic.”


    Terry Gandy

    “When I first started watching all I was looking for was how to use a hand plane. Through Paul Sellers blog and Master Classes, a whole new world of woodworking has opened up to me. Thank you Paul for training I could never have afforded any other way!”



    “I enjoy Paul taking the time to review techniques in every video. He does not just point you to an old video but shows it again and challenges related to the current project.”



    “My favorite aspect of Woodworking Masterclasses is learning the time-tested traditional hand tool methods. The “poor man’s” tools and techniques prove you don’t need to spend and arm and a leg to do craftsman-level work. What a joy it is to work wood without the all the noise and sawdust flying everywhere!”



    “Paul’s way of straight forward explanation and completeness is what got me started. So many other instructional videos I’ve seen in the past tend to skip over important details and leave you wondering if you are doing the little things right.”



    “No one teaches the small but crucial aspects of woodworking better than Paul Sellers. In the old days, you would have to apprentice yourself to a master craftsman to learn the secrets of fine woodworking, now you can do it by signing up for woodworking master classes no matter where you are in the world.”