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    I have been asked to build a sign for a local charity that will list donors/ sponsors. It will be outdoors and therefore subject to temperatures ranging from -10°C to +40°C plus rain etc. I have attached a picture of what it will approximately look like. The problem I have is that there will be about 12 aluminium rectangles, that are all 210mm X 90mm X 3mm in size, mounted on a backboard. My idea is to use a CNC router to carve out the recesses. What I am not sure on is how to mount / fix the plates to the wood. I will have to varnish the backplate to cope with the rain but I am not sure if I can glue the plates or whether I should manually fix them somehow. As the plates have already been delivered I cannot change their specs.
    I would appreciate any help I can get.


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    Chayne Rudolph


    I take it you would like to be able to swap the placards out? Not sure how small screw inserts are made. Magnetic strips, placard holders that they can slide in and out of. If they are permanently fixed a silicon or epoxy might work. Hope this helps.



    Hi Keith,
    I’m thinking of the games Connect-Four and Tetris.
    Three parallel rails, Left-Centre-Right. [ ][ ]

    Drop-in an aluminium Plate, then a wooden Spacer, Plate, Spacer… until it’s full.

    Top & Bottom rails secure/release the lot.
    Allows for small variations in Plate sizes without struggling to align hundreds of fixed fasteners.
    If the number of Donors/Sponsors increases over time, you can insert Plates which are shorter in height. Say; larger Plates for major sponsors, smaller plates for minor sponsors.
    You can weather-proof the whole, smooth, assembly.
    Easy to change Plate sequences without needing to unscrew/re-screw 40-50 fasteners.
    Varnish the Plates, round their corners, and they’ll drop in and out easily.

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