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    (I think I sound like Paul Sellers, but I think it’s true.)

    Just a few years ago, I was doing all of my carpentry/household work using my garage full of power equipment. Woodworking wasn’t a passion, or really a thought outside of fixing things, and building what I needed. I wasn’t too concerned about exact measurements, or how smoothly my work went together.

    After a couple of years on traditional hand tools, my view has completely changed! I don’t want to touch my power tools; they’re clumsy. I now appreciate a fine piece of furniture, and look for indications as to its build quality and makers marks. I take pictures of things for ideas and concepts when I walk through a museum or a furniture store. I think about how *I* would build those somethings.

    When I view forums, most of them have separate “hand” and “power” tool sections. I mostly leave the power tool sections alone. And when someone mentions something was built with power tools, I think about what’s become important to me … it’s the journey, the excitement, the quiet and the relaxation that I really have found myself enjoying, when using my hand tools.

    Now, don’t get me wrong … to each person their own. And power tools have their place, especially when doing quantity work, or when time is short. But now I have a hard time visualizing enjoyment when the sound of the circular saw is ringing in my ears.

    I wonder, are power tool users missing out?

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